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Comprar Call of Duty WWII

  • Compre Call of Duty WWII para PC

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  • After 15 years of existence and 20 games to its credit Call of Duty franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular of all time. This war FPS has seduced many players all around the globe, and it is now the third most sold game in the world. As the last episodes of the series offered players a chance to take part in fictitious and modern conflicts, Call of Duty WWII offers a return to the roots taking on the context of World War II, that made the success of the first three games. Call of Duty WWII, always offers a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode, but with this change of course, some gameplay elements differ from previous franchise games.

    Solo Campaign.
    This new solo campaign begins during the disembarkation. You play as Red Daniels, an american soldier on board on a ship preparing to land on the Normandy coast. Thus, you will be immersed in the heart of the action. But do not think that Red Daniels is a super soldier or hypertrained, far from it. Call of Duty WWII offers a realistic approach to what soldiers experienced during the war, so your character is just a man like the others that will have to face the horrors of war and do its best to survive. But you will not be alone, you will be part of a squad made up of several members of the allied forces. You will not only incarnate Red, but also the other members with different backgrounds and nationalities of this group, which will almost become a family during the game. You will also have the opportunity to play female characters during this campaign, for example a French resistant.
    During this solo campaign, you will be led to fight on different fields. You will visit the French countryside, take part in the liberation of Paris, or participate in the capture of the Rhine.

    Just like in the single player campaign, there is also a cool breeze on multiplayer in Call of Duty WWII. In addition to multi-class modes, the brand new War Mode is emerging. This new mode will focus on teamwork and it will have dedicated maps.
    In this unprecedented mode, you will face the battlefield in teams of 6. You and your teammates will have to be cohesive, because in War Mode you will progress on a map and have strategic points to reach or capture. For example, in Operation Breakout, your goal will be to take a village from enemy forces and secure the area. You will first have to establish an advanced station in one of the buildings in order to be able to organize and follow the rest of the operations. Then you will need tools to repair a bridge and to access the armory to blow it up with dynamite. You will have to escort a tank behind the church to destroy the anti-aircraft weaponry of the enemy forces.
    Your victory will depend greatly on your team cohesion, because you will have to rely on your teammates for certain actions, such as ammunition refueling or medical care.
    You will obviously need a balanced team and that will depend on the classes of fighters that you choose, renamed Divisions in this new opus.

    Indeed, the class creation has been completely redesigned to fit the more classic military context of the game. You will now have a choice of five Divisions, all of them different. Rest assured, you will always be able to personalize your character to best fit your style of play through workouts. Each Division has a training, replacing the assets, and a competence of its own. Another basic training common to all Divisions is also available to allow for greater personalization.

    He is a front-line soldier, but also the most versatile. Very skilled at shooting, his main weapon is an assault rifle that can be improved through Divisional Training. This training allows him to add two accessories to his main weapon, as well as an accessory on his secondary weapon. His weapon skill Bayonet Charge allows him to be formidable both in close and ranged combat.

    This paratrooper is the most agile soldier in the game. Thanks to his increased mobility and his submachine gun, he is a formidable fighter. His divisional training allows him to increase the speed and length of his sprint, but also to cross obstacles more quickly. His weapon skill, Silent, allows him to shoot more discreetly. His weapon does not emit a flash when he shoots and the shot is not visible on the mini map of the enemy players.

    Suffice to say that this division does not go in for subtleties. The Armored Soldier is a heavy artillery player, and he is also useful supporting his teammates. His divisional training allows him to equip himself with a rocket launcher as secondary weapon and to be able to refuel his teammates more efficiently. With his weapon skill Bipod, he can build his own machine-gun and thus act as a defensive turret.

    The expeditionary is a soldier that loves play with fire, literally. His divisional training makes him insensitive to the effects of tactical equipment and allows him to take less explosive damage, so he can head down to his enemies. His weapon skill Incendiary Cartridges allows him to use incendiary bullets in his shotgun.

    This Stealthy Fighter is a great asset to his team, providing them with information about the enemy. He is a fan of precision rifles, and thanks to his divisional training, he can increase his vision on the mini-map and display the enemy's name at a greater distance. With his weapon skill, Sharpshooter, he can benefit from an assisted aim.

    In Call of Duty WWII, the social aspect of the game has also been revisited. You can access the Headquarters at any time, a sort of lobby with up to 48 players on the D-Day beaches. You will be able to access it even during the match-making and to take advantage of it to train your shooting, make duels, boast your feats of arms or to obtain rewards.

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