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Comprar Total War: WARHAMMER II

  • Compre Total War: WARHAMMER II para PC

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  • For over 15 years now, the Total War franchise has allowed players to browse the world and the epochs, living battles each more epic than the previous one. With Total War Warhammer, Creative Assembly has decided to go even further taking us into the rich universe of Warhammer. After the success of Total War: Warhammer, it's time to go back to Mallus with the second installment of the trilogy, Total War: Warhammer II.

    Millennia ago, during Battle of the Island of the Dead, the biggest and wisest high elves united to create an immense Vortex. This Vortex aims to suck like a siphon the Winds of Magic and send them back to the Realms of Chaos. The Vortex, by limiting the amount of magic in the world, prevents hordes of demons to invade it. But as the Vortex weakens, the world is about to tumble into Chaos. In this dark period two groups are emerging, those who try to save the Vortex, and thus the world, and those who seek only to serve their own interests.

    As you can see, in Total War: Wahammer II, magic will be at the heart of conflict. The four playable races in this new opus are all more or less adept with it.

    The High Elves
    The High Elves have been fighting against the spread of Chaos since its first appearance in the world, but their most fierce struggle is against their close relatives the Dark Elves.
    The High Elves were the first to explore the seas and shores of the world. The High Elves are masters of magic, but also have a powerful army and formidable units such as archers, lion chariots, and giant eagles.

    Dark Elves
    The Dark Elves are the sworn enemies of the High Elves. Corsairs and pirates, they plunder the seas relentlessly. After a violent civil war, they were expelled from Ulthuan, their homeland, and now live in the dark Naggaroth lands. They spread terror in their wake. Also adept at magic, their economy is mainly based on the slave trade.

    Lizardmen are the oldest nation in the Warhammer world and the servants of the Old Ones. Most of them live in the southern part of the New World known as Lustrie, a tropical continent that is mainly covered with jungles and dotted with city-temples. They are experts in the mastery of magic, as well as formidable warriors, especially the Saurus. The Lizardmen also count in their ranks cold-blooded monsters such as stegadons, or carnosaurs.

    The Skaven
    The Skaven are an insidious and malevolent race of rat-men. They live mainly beneath the surface of the earth, which allows them to be present in almost every region of the world. They are warlike and do not hesitate to fight between them. Some clans use Warpstone magic, allowing them to build some formidable war machines, such as the Warp Lightning Cannon. Others are specialized in assassination or the spread of diseases.

    Each race will have 2 Legendary Lords with their own abilities and their own campaign. In fact, if the scenario of the campaign focuses on the Vortex, the different races will not have the same objective and the same intentions.
    Also, soon after the game is released, players with both Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II will have access to an exclusive campaign where the Old World and New World get together to form a colossal campaign. This campaign will also include the races of the first game.

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